A leap of faith for Vera.

A leap of faith for Vera.

Writing a story like this doesn’t come without it’s tears, for me.

The wonderful thing about a wellbeing blog is that it stretches to all areas and all folks in this spinning globe we are privileged to live on.


I grew up with Elaine, we were tiny little Girl brigade girls, rode horses together as teenagers, and her cousin and best friend Vikki married my brother.

So we well connected.

So much so that our Mums are good friends too and when her Mum Vera was diagnosed with uterine cancer which had spread in November a dark cloud of worry, sadness and fear hit like a domino effect from the immediate family right through to the rest of us on the sidelines.

You have to know Vera, she is like wonder woman, without the bold t shirt.

She is committed to her family, a devoted wife to James (who loves a good cricket based chin wag with my husband Michael) and literally runs everything musical in her church as quietly as a mouse. To the point that I look at an organ in any given church or chapel and immediately think of Vera sitting there with her lovely cardigans and bobbing head.

She is to be admired,

No more so, than when she decided to face her cancer head on and to go down the alternative treatment route.

Elaine will tell you more about this, and we thought today was an appropriate time to do so as today is Vera’s birthday!

Mum went to the unknown it took a lot of courage to head off to a strange country not knowing the language or what her treatment would entail.
So that’s why I’m doing a sky dive on 19th July with four of my friends- Free falling from a great height is a fear I have and it is like the unknown to me.

So if mum can head to Germany then I can jump out of an aeroplane … I hope!!


Back in November 2014 we found out my Mum had an agressive form of cancer which had spread. Left with very little hope here in NI, my Uncle who had done a lot of research in alternative cancer treatments said we should contact an Integrated Oncology and Hyperthermia Centre in Germany.

Hyperthermia treatment involves heating the body during the administration of chemotherapy which has been shown to make the chemotherapy more effective, and this is not currently available in the UK.

After many prayers seeking guidance, and a few emails back and forward with Dr Herzog’s clinic (about 50 mins from Frankfurt airport), we got the go ahead for Mum to go to there. Scariest few weeks of our lives to be honest, sending our precious Mum off with her sister to the unknown:

something I can honestly say scared me more than anything.

Thankfully we got speaking to a girl from Northern Ireland who had been there with her Mum, and she filled us with confidence and gave us lots of helpful tips for going! After four treatments, we got a CT scan this week and the news was good: tumours were reducing and treatment is working, so there is HOPE! (a word I have tried to use as much as possible the past few months).

From being with Mum at the clinic twice now, I just think it’s amazing.


The work they are doing is fantastic. Dr Herzog himself is a incredible man, and has the most caring nurses and staff I have ever met! We have met some great people, mainly from Australia, who we stay in touch with when we are home in between treatments.

I have seen mircles happen from one trip to another; so many stories I would just love to share. I couldn’t recommend this clinic highly enough!

So I want to spread the word;

I want as many people to know about this amazing place, that when you think it’s the end of the road, there’s HOPE and for us, that hope has come from our faith in God, and through Dr Herzog’s Special Hospital in Bad Salzhausen.

Their treatments cause thermic damage to cancer cells, which is less destructive to healthy cells in the body than chemo alone.

It also stimulates the immune system. This means that patients’ quality of life is maintained during cancer treatment.

This treatment comes at a cost, so I am wanting to raise awareness, and some funds to help pay for my Mum’s treatment.

I have a target of £7,000 as that’s approximately what each treatment costs.

Please, please if you know anyone wanting to know anything about this clinic, contact me, I’d LOVE to share my experience further!


Many Thanks.

Elaine’s fundraising page 

Elaine’s e mail- kirkec@hotmail.co.uk