A cuppa (specifically the morning one)

A cuppa (specifically the morning one)

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things”

Henry Ward Beecher.

This quote has been with me for a long time yet I so often forget it exists. I forget that it encompasses so much of what I (me, my art, my life) seem to be about, loving all things “everyday”. My website page has “Placing importance on the everyday” strewn across my sickeningly smiley face.

When I was researching the topic of the invaluable morning cuppa the quote appeared again while I was organising my prints for tomorrow’s craft fair. It was refreshing to have it back in my mind and the words before me again.

Discussing everyday “common things” brings us nicely to the morning cuppa. The ‘thing’ that so many of us rely on before the sun rises!

Many may argue that happiness couldn’t derive from a cup of heated liquid in one’s hand. A cup is simply an object with no feelings of it’s own. It can’t engage us in conversation in order to provoke feelings of happiness or sadness so, what’s so great about it?

If my readers are anything to go by, the act of holding and drinking a cup of tea, coffee or the usual morning beverage (there was apple cider vinegar and, coffee with coconut oil in the mix) contributes to one’s state of happiness. That’s why it’s great. You may be misled and think that my readers cups are special. But they’re not. Well my readers ARE special but their mugs are no different to the bog standard one half washed in the staff room drying rack. It is down to associations. A morning cuppa for so many (me included) is like a ritual and it carries with it associations and signals. The good associations generally outweigh the bad.

“It signals the start of my day” Grainne

“…its not always about the cuppa, It’s everything else that goes with it…” Paul

“I cannot possibly be civil to anyone before my morning cuppa” Lesley

Like Paul noted, the morning cuppa is more than just hot liquid in a bowl with a handle. It can be checking things off the to-do list between sips, carrying it around the house while dragging the kids uniform behind you, or simply sitting for a quiet few moments of calm with it resting on your folded knee.

For me, there is no consistency in the type of hot liquid in my cup. Its varies from ginger, honey and lemon poured from my pretty glass teapot to a used teabag (gross, I know) dunked into my favourite mug a few times with a splash of almond milk.

However I present this little morning jewel to myself, it sure as heck has to be warm, very warm, and it gets topped up if it cools down too much. My tongue fairs pretty well with the extreme temperature conditions I put it under.

All in the name of my happiness, because I like a decent start to my day in the form of a mug or three of a hot liquid. It seems I am not alone.

It’s not surprising that I have painted a teacup, a coffee cup, a teapot and a takeaway coffee cup in my recent works!

Once you drag yourself out from the cosy warm bed covers each morning and hit snooze for the final time, may you enjoy the ritual that can lead to a little bit of everyday happiness.

“Life is like a cup of tea… it’s all in how you make it…” Irish Proverb