5 reasons to join Instagram | Photography tips

5 reasons to join Instagram | Photography tips

Instagram is a funny little community.

It grows, it thrives and despite my own profile being public (the privacy settings are easy to manage so you don’t *have* to be public) I feel it is still an intimate corner of my social media.

The forces that be have recently changed the settings and scrolling

of how we view the images of the people we follow (you follow people and brands who essentially post images that you love) by adding in algorithm. “Alger wha?” I hear you say. That’s exactly how I feel and I had to ask my husband what it meant.

It means that instead of you seeing every.single.update chronologically you will see the most viewed + the most timely.

But forgetting the fact that you might not see posts (almost defeats the purpose, but stay with me) below are my reasons why I think you may as well give it a crack and embrace the insta generation

1. It’s easy to do from your phone/mobile device

Basically you sign up from your phone or iPad using an e mail. You then post photos from your phone album or take a picture using the instagram built in camera.

Or you can avoid photos and simply browse (what I believe to be) gorgeous images of everything and anything on the internet. Photos which are easily seen through the square shape image that instagram is renowned for.

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

One of my instagram pics. Note it’s square edit.


2. You learn photography skills

I was a professional photographer for five years so I don’t say this lightly. Neither am I implying that you will be winning awards for your photography excellence a fortnight after you join instagram.

Yet the app’s ready made filters (preset tones, exposure, sharpening etc), should you wish to use them, add light and shade for you in an instant. They can smooth out skin, brighten a sky or enhance a photo of rain drops!

Furthermore you will aspire to make your images better the more you follow professionals and see how slick your content can be. Yes, it is possible to snap a photo of the kids on a walk through the woods, and to make it pretty using the instagram toolbar.

Quick tip- I use VSCO app on my phone which is the same editing software I used as a photographer. SO good and shows film like filters for your images.

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You can make collages of multiple photos.

3. Become part of a community

As I said above, my account is for my professional business yet I see it as a community where I feel safe to share content and engage with followers.

Using a simple method called hash tagging you place a bit of importance on the content you post which categorises it into communities.

For example mine and Mel’s #MOTHERHOODALIVE community was started by us to promote support for all Mother’s through engagement and snaps on instagram.

#MOTHERHOODALIVE has been such a success for myself +Mel. Come join the community

#MOTHERHOODALIVE has been such a success for myself +Mel. Come join the community

Now, please note that simply throwing hashtags around like #Girl or #Red will inevitably have you lost in the hash tagging ether because millions of people use instagram and general hashtags won’t slot you into the smaller communities which will bring engagement.

So see what you like and follow suit.

4. It’s good for a nosey/ Keeping up with people

Nothing witty or particularly significant about this one, sorry.

Also I am essentially plugging the dreadful world of social media which I am not afraid to say I take regular breaks from (I often schedule my posts) due to the overwhelming obsessive vacuum it becomes in one’s (my) life.


Hugh Jackman is BIG fan of insta

There is no denying though, instagram is good to see the banter with your mates and/or fave celebrities daily happenings. I particularly like Gwyneth Paltrow (surprise!) and the Beckhams are adorable. Even president Obama is on there.


5. You control what you share and who you share it with

Like any form of social media YOU control how much you share. Don’t be all up in the instagram grill (slang, sorry) if you know that how you portray YOUR life and/or business is in YOUR hands.

I have a blogpost about over sharing images of our little cherubs here. The internet is dangerous guys, stay diligent.

The same applies for how fun or how serious you would rather be. If you are thinking about using instagram for business it’s probably best to consider a separate private account (there is an easy way to have two accounts now) for your nights out and holiday snaps.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My advice is to just be you. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, instagram is in many ways no different from Facebook or twitter in that people are as fake, annoying, over bearing and fickle as they can be on other social media sites.

It’s just a case of filtering through to find what works best for you.

See you there!

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