5 business books every start up needs

5 business books every start up needs

Running my own business was never at the forefront of my life’s ambition. It really wasn’t. Art College was a great fit and teaching seemed like a fun occupation so I sort of ran with all of it.

Until teaching was no longer a passion or indeed an option. Then I had to get creative and start to open my eyes to what on earth I would do after I finished my Masters in Fine art.

I want to say my business has been running for eight years but really I shuffled along paying more for childcare than I was earning at the start of this venture. So it is only in the past three years (possibly since launching my first website) that the ball has rolled more than it has had to be pushed.

I grew so much in the early days- I talk about them here, and continue to grow with every podcast I listen to, painting I under price and fellow business mentor I meet.

My love for sharing information and encouraging other people has been in my bones and I love that my business, and in particular this blog, allows me to extend from my art in your homes to helping you ( albeit on a minor scale) with all things wellbeing and business.

Know that I am rooting for you and your business in the wings.

A small part of me is sad to share these little tricks and secrets but if I learned anything from my entrepreneurial (I worry about using that word because it makes me sounds like I am forty times more established than I am as I sit in my little studio wondering how I will make it through the next month…but I’m learning to own it) journey it is that you have to give and give and give.

Don’t get me wrong I have given too much information in the past and have seen people use my ideas and quotes to further their own online presence after e mailing me.

Nonetheless, feeling bitter about those people doesn’t help my own process. It only dampens spirits.

Please know that you will meet people who are fake, who cling to anything that is going to further their own career at any expense.

In the end they won’t win. Remember that.

The authors I have listed below have shared their secrets and given us pointers.  Let’s learn from their selfless approach and constantly encourage each other. No matter what business we are in, it is our own path and no one can take that away from us or replicate our authenticity.

Share and share alike.

A great quote which will also help you in your early days of fear and worry which has been claimed by many so forgive me for not referencing the exact source;

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”.

Such a good mantra when my arms are shaking as I tackle a new commission in my dim lit studio! You can use this in any part of your day and really close your eyes and think about where your dreams can take you.

There are tons of business books I haven’t finished reading or been able to get my hands on yet. Drop the name of any in the comments below as I love to learn.


  1. She means business. Turn your ideas into a reality and become a wildly successful entrepreneur Carrie Green. I have the pleasure of knowing Carrie through the organisation FEA which she founded and I joined about three years ago. Carrie is personable, open and driven. She has led the way for thousands of women in our Members group and we are so excited that her book is finally out for the world to get hold of!
  2. The 4- hour week Timothy Ferriss A book you can read again and again. It will also blow your mind how it is possible to run a successful company on minimal hours each week. Something I am a long way off but Timothy’s ideas are so solid and approachable that this book is a sure winner for anyone striving for big.
  3. Authentic How to be yourself and why it matters Professor Stephen Joseph . I am only half way through this book. It may not seem like an obvious business book to you but if you are like me, building an online presence, then authenticity is key. I have been described as an open book throughout much of my life but it can be easy to mask any feeling or fault you have online by only showing the pretty side of life. Don’t get me wrong, no one needs or wants to be brought down by the boring dull self pity side of life, but balance is key and humour is engaging.
  4. The Automatic customer. John Wirrallow This book is so good for product businesses especially, educating us on how to educate ourselves about the ideal customer. Knowing that we have to give more than we take. As a result of reading it I am now an  Amazon prime  addict(thanks John!) after understanding how it all works.
  5.  What to do when it’s your turn (and it’s always your turn) Seth Godin. I first heard Seth on a podcast and loved his witty matter of fact approach to all things business. The book is full of fun visuals and breaks down into manageable almost comedic chunks, the huge questions in business we wrestle with day to day.

Good luck on your venture and be sure to share this post with anyone you know on the entrepreneurial journey. 

You have all the tools you need to move forward. Go for it!

Please let me know your business/venture and why you want to start it or to change peoples lives with what you do. Don’t be shy!!


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