29. 05 .2016 Weekend Reading – Your wellbeing

29. 05 .2016 Weekend Reading – Your wellbeing

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Another UK bank holiday weekend to finish off lovely May!

We are now on the countdown to the summer holidays as we see June on the horizon, although equally don’t want to wish away time with baby Abraham as these early days are so lovely.

Find below your weekly intake of words and recipes.

Also please do share any articles or recipes you think could work in this section of the blog.


  • A serious enough read that struck a cord with me and reminded me of the thousands of reads my post on keeping our kids safe online received. An article on ABC about paedophiles trawling social media for family photos.
  • Another relatively serious undertone but a powerful read from a Father about his daughter who has down syndrome. I worked with young people with learning disabilities for many years so I am passionate about integration.
  • A lighter read but so intriguing for the likes of me who is a fan of the Obamas. An article from 1996 about the couple, so beautiful and open from both Barrick and Michelle. Lovely from a relationship point of view.



  • Going old school with my Annabel Karmel recipe but we had these homemade burgers as a family with sweet potato and regular potato chips.
  • Continued obsession with avocados- 20 reasons why you should eat an entire avocado every day .
  • I appreciate it is Summer but the slow cooker is always a winner for easy dinners, yes? This recipe for beef brisket has my mouth watering and I am determined to try next week .I had beef brisket in Made in Belfast and I was immediately a fan.