22.05.16 Weekend reading for your wellbeing.

22.05.16 Weekend reading for your wellbeing.

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We are settling into life as a family of five *pretty* well. Our second born turns five next week so we are preparing for his party. He wanted a bouncy castle in the garden with 28 of his friends at it- eh, maybe not this year son!!

We compromised on a lower key event which means if I have a rough night with the mini one we can hand over all responsibility to the ball pit and slides of indoor play!

If we knew we would get wall to wall sunshine I love a good party outdoors, but Northern Ireland doesn’t quite provide us with this certainty.

ANYWAY enjoy your Sunday.


  • If you’ve been around the blog for the past year, you will know we (my husband, kids and I) spent last Summer in Upstate New York. So when I saw this article it made me think of everything about living outdoors, the adventure and the simplicity that Camp Treetops offers kids. 
  • I found this grief post, particularly about people whose Mother’s have died, pretty difficult.
  • For all the Mum’s out there- please take a moment to see MotherMag. A very current, visually slick and informative website.
  • Lastly, not to be putting a downer on you but good food for thought for those of us with kids in the 7+ range. “It’s my opinion that resilience actually comes from having a strong sense of identity and attachment.” A quote from a read about Britain’s mental health crisis in the Telegraph.


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