20 Healthy breakfast recipes

20 Healthy breakfast recipes

Healthy breakfasts.

I have always been an advocate for breakfast, it may be my favourite meal in the day. Although saying that, I love a cold meats platter lunch, or a steak dinner or a pizza.

Nonetheless, a good start to my day includes a decent breakfast.

The further I get into eating whole foods and nourishing foods for my body, the more intrigued I am about the variety of good stuff out there which can be sourced locally and/or easily in our larger supermarkets.

I asked my instagram followers to share their favourite healthy breakfasts and I have included their recipes amongst the other links.

Eggs featured among their ideas for the most part but if you are plant based and don’t eat eggs there are some bowl ideas and shake recipes below to fill your boots with.

I am an absolute cheer leader for protein shakes. Something i never thought I would say or write. One shake in particular is my current obsession -find it in the links below.

Shakes are such a super way to start your day with ease especially when you have an early start for work or, like me three small mouths to think of before stuffing your own in the morning.

Give one of the recipes below a try and please share with me your pics by tagging me on instagram, my Facebook, or write about it in the comments below. I am on this food journey too and love hearing your input.

Before you start into any sustenance in your day I challenge you to try to incorporate one of these drinks in before ANYTHING else. Cleanse that tummy and start the ball rolling nicely.


  • Green tea – LOADED with antioxidants and The body coach  from Lean in15 swears by a few cups a day. Read all here.
  • Lemon slice in hot water. My late Granny Edna (who my blog is named after) had the skin of an angel and her morning ritual was a slice of lemon in hot water. My cousins and I have all followed suit.
  • A litre of water. I have Cameron Diaz’s BODY book and she is big on drinking a bottle of water before doing anything else in the morning. I have one at the side of my bed so I can grab it the minute I get up.



I have a number of smoothies on this site but let’s try to stick to protein based shakes because protein is going to fuel your body better than a sweet fruit filled smoothie. Read more about this here.

Yes, there is a time and a place for a smoothie, my kids love them, but let’s stick to stodgy hearty filled shakes to boost your morning.

  • My absolute favourite peanut butter vanilla protein shake based on Juice generation in America’s banana spilt. My husband and I have it every morning.
  • If you love your coffee and don’t want to sacrifice it, here is one from leangreenbean which has about four ingredients and uses chocolate protein powder.hulk smoothie
  • Here is the fruitiest of the bunch with strawberries, banana and your choice of protein powder. Also it includes oats which we all know add such fuel to any day with that carb boost. Especially if training.


  • Porridge – I remember when Jamie was photographing some food for me a few years ago and we found it so difficult to make porridge look good!! However, it doesn’t need to look good, it just needs to taste alright. Here is my coconut porridge recipe.
  • Another porridge recipe from lovely Fionnuala O’Kane which I just tried at the weekend after she sent me this includes -Porridge oats, coconut milk, apple slices, roasted oats (YUM) and berries. The textures and punch from the  berries with the warm coconut and the sweet apple was incredible.coconut porridge | | RECIPE
  • Overnight oats – This is not something I am  into, if I am honest. The cold doesn’t appeal to me but I know there are so many recipes that people love and definitely cut down your making time in the morning. Blogger Sinéad of bumblesofrice  shared her recipe of over oats with frozen berries. I also found these healthy treat recipes on her blog.
  • Sinéad then mentioned chocolate chia seed pudding. I found a vegan recipe for you which includes just six ingredients.
  • Fruit bowl – fruit is a minefield in that you can choose a billion different types. I have a theory that mixing too many fruits in one bowl is just bad for your tummy and difficult for the digestive system to break down. So go for similar “zones” like this citrus, vitamin C, antioxidant filled one with pomegranate, grapefruit and orange.
  • This breakfast bowl is a little bit fancy with it’s quinoa but it has mango, coconut and the word “crunch” in the recipe so,I’m in!
  • Yogurt based – There are some of you who like a shop bought strawberry yogurt. Try to switch it to a greek yogurt which has less sugar and no fake flavouring. Add oats, nuts and a dash of dried fruit to it to make this trusty BBC good food recipe.
    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    My pink grapefruit print can be purchased here.

  • Smoothie bowl – If you haven’t seen the smoothie bowl craze on Instagram, now is your time to follow the likes of Kath and Jade at Panaceas_Pantry and colour your world a little. This recipe with almond butter, cinnamon and dates apparently tastes like a cookie dough. A good recipe for a treat breakfast at the weekend!
  • Granola. My recipe still gets so much traffic and I had forgotten how easy it was to make until finding it for this post.


  • Thanks to Sophie Houston for her scrambled eggs suggestion. Three eggs scrambled with spinach in the microwave, add sliced tomato and lots of pepper. Black pepper, tomatoes and spinach as a combo work for me!
  • Jordan and I agreed that Poached eggs is an all time favourite. She serves hers with spinach and makes a mean looking poached egg which I can’t seem to do no matter how much I try. I love mine with some chilli oil on there, or served on a war with some greek yogurt, oven roasted tomatoes and fresh chilli flakes. Just like Anna Jones turkish fried eggs except I poach mine.5 WAYS WITH GREEK YOGHURT | CLANDEBOYE ESTATE | NI | ALY HARTE
  • Egg muffins. I have a recipe involving a spiralizer and some courgette here.
  • My breakfast stack recipe has a bagel in there but you could swap it out for a wrap or take it out altogether and bulk up your scrambled eggs with egg white so there is less fat in there. There is also bacon which people stay away from. As with everything, moderation is key.
  • Bacon grilled and served with scrambled egg whites and feta cheese, alongside some broccoli or asparagus is one of my go-tos. Yes, broccoli in the morning! It’s low in calories but also dense which means it is filling and a good way to kick start your day.
  • The wonderful thing about eggs is how versatile and filling they are. My recipe for using the dregs in the fridge at the end of the week is resourceful and makes for a healthy breakfast idea. Omelette cake.
  • Jamie of AussieMummaAbroad shared her beaut avocado on toast recipe-sauteed peppers, mushrooms and tomato on top of smashed avocado on gluten free toast. I am so into sautéing everything to go with my eggs these days and this sounds epic. Jamie eats plant based foods so definitely follow her if you are in search of dinner ideas.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • Toast. Suitable for all of us. Not something I look for in the morning but if I toast some rye bread I love cottage cheese on it with pineapple or spinach sautéed. Here are seven more toast recipes from Apollo and Luna that don’t involve avocado!

EAT OUT (in NI) these are just some. We have SO many good eateries in Ireland!

  • Tony and Jens Pancakes and almond milk latte- beaut.
  • Goodness Rocks Feta omelette and turkey sausage combo. They also do click and collect- bonus!
  • General Merchant Porridge is packed with goodness and the crunchy peanut sprinkles on top- amazing. Anything in the eggs department on their menu.
  • Home restaurant – they have a whole breakfast counter worth taking in.
  • Slims kitchen. Their Mr Grey strawberry shake is delicious and also the omelttee menu is incredible .
  • The Yard – poached egg breakfast- wheaten bread goodness!
  • The Guillemot – White fish and parmesan cheese omelette – surprisingly fab.
  • The fat gherkin – Their homemade tomato relish on their breakfast stack- divine.
  • Blend and Batch – Avocado toast- whatever bread they used made me want to eat the loaf and all the poached eggs they could make!
  • Lost and Found- spanish eggs or eggs benedict. Do it!

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