2 Step cocktail – Panacea drinks

2 Step cocktail – Panacea drinks

It goes without saying, if a cocktail is easy to make and in my hand quicker than I can say Mr Freeze, I’m drinking it!

This Panacea cocktail is just that.

I have been an ambassador for Panacea for eight months. It has been such an education in water kefir which is a live culture and probiotic (read more here) and also wonderful to work alongside Kelly the founder who  is a self employed female based in Northern Ireland like myself.

In short, Panacea drinks are a health drink which have natural flavouring, they are gluten and sugar free. They are like a magic potion of loveliness in a pretty bottle (see below). All the while they help to cleanse your gut and mean you don’t need to grab the isotonic sports drink to get a sweet energetic kick! 

You may wonder why I am taking a health drink and adding it to alcohol… I wish I had a fancy answer for that, but sadly I don’t. For me, food and drink is important. The tastier that food and drink is, the better.

Perhaps this “cocktail” is contradictory in it’s nature but I like to categorise it in the “clean drinking” category of my diet ( if you are on a strict no sugar zone then have a look at my other clean drink recipe here).

Alcohol is considered “empty calories” that we could make a whole other blogpost about. If you are tracking your diet then take note of what you eat and drink then keep going. As long as you are aware of what goes in then you can still succeed in your mission!

My mission is a constant strive for balance in my diet.

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Don’t get me wrong – if I could whip up a dark and stormy in seconds flat with a wee shake of this and a dabble of that I would be all over it. But the truth is that I am flat out with a ton of other engagements and by “engagements” I mean cleaning dirty nappies, wiping snotty noses and running my business in the studio!

Therefore, time is of the essence in my life as I am sure it is in yours and this two step drink is an amazing addition to a weekend supper or BBQ with the family.

I simply decide if I want the new cherry or raspberry flavour panacea drink and I then add it to my gin.



  • One (double) shot gin or vodka
  • One bottle panacea raspberry or cherry.

Add ice and stir with a straw.


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