19.06.16 Weekend wellbeing

19.06.16 Weekend wellbeing

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I trust your week has been a good one.

Ours has been very football based as we follow the Northern Ireland team in the Euros. They had a great win against the Ukraine on Thursday.

The kids are getting very excited for the School holidays which are on the horizon, as is my teacher husband!

Below is your little blast of reads and recipes.


  • An insightful list of The worlds most obese countries. Surprising.
  • Father’s day without a dad by Julia (who I also follow on instagram under @rainbeaubelle). Poignant for today as it is Father’s day
  • Literally my worst nightmare these days- a man verbally abusing a woman as she breast fed her one month baby in Connecticut. Shocking.
  • Another site I fell for on instagram Foreadventure. They are a couple who decided to move to Dorset and go see what they have made. The visuals and opportunities for groups and families to do include foraging, coasteering, kayaking and more. My dream weekend!



  • I now have Irish model Rozanna Purcell’s recipe book and I love it. Anything with whole foods (as you can read here- including my wholefood shopping list) is up my street. She has almonds and pomegranates in this salad, what’s not to love!?
  • Have you heard of local probiotics drinks Panacea? My fave is the projito. Tastes amazing and is so good for you!
  • I have a wee fish man who delivers local salmon to our door every week. I am addicted to salmon and have been for a long time. I used to eat it just grilled with salt and pepper and a hunk of white pasta shells. This broccoli and salmon tagliatelle is a slight upgrade!

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