14.08.2016 Weekend Wellbeing

14.08.2016 Weekend Wellbeing

The original of the Bushmills whiskey print above was featured on million dollar listings this week in a lush Soho apartment!

Finding material for this spot on the blog rarely poses any problems for me.

I love sourcing the info and to see how you enjoy it through the links clicked.

I have been in a real transition period with breastfeeding  and co sleeping this past week.

We have the baby on formula instead of my milk two times a day and he has even ventured into his own room.

All is going very well and third night in I found that I was able to sleep more sound than I have in a long time.

I know that the time when a baby moves into their own room can be a controversial issue. For our family though, before six months has proven to work.

Saying that I loved my co sleeping days and stand by that they are a fab way for Mum and baby to get great rest in the early stages when feeding is so often.

My enthusiasm for all the changes was instinctively spurred on by the wee man, or so I felt. I enjoy the three months stage when their little personality kicks in, and for us it showed Abe sitting for longer watching his brothers, being interested in food and seeming happy to go to bed at 7pm when his brothers did. All cues that he was growing up- weep!

In other news

my husband goes back to work tomorrow so I will go from living the semi maternity leave/ School teacher holiday dream to controlling the mayhem with the three lads!


I’m armed with netflix, fresh tennis balls for days on the tennis court, and a reward chart that promises a trip to the cinema when all ticks are completed!!

Your wellbeing dose below

  • This self confessed rant about breastfeeding vs bottle feeding and how it links to baby led weaning made me chuckle!
  • I have really enjoyed the thorough content and body strength workout circuits on breaking muscle website this week.
  • Has the Olympics taken over your life the past week also!? Our whole house is OBSESSED and we loved cheering on our friends in the hockey matches. See my interview from last year with Irish hockey player Chris Cargo
  • On the theme of the Olympics yet with a more sad tinge. Have you read the story of the Australian athlete Peter Norman? I cry every time I read anything about that.
  • Another emotional and honest read is from Steph of  My Little Duke online baby boutique (go have a look!) and her struggle with body weight. So brave.