12|06|16 Weekend Wellbeing

12|06|16 Weekend Wellbeing

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For all my regular blog users and subscribers you will have noticed that my posts have gone from three a week to just this little treasure trove of wellbeing goodies once a week.

I absolutely love blogging but found that when the baby was two weeks old I wanted to sit back and think about the direction my art work and the blog are going to go from here on in. This also lends itself to be a bit of maternity leave for me too which is lovely.

For the first time in my career I genuinely can’t keep on top of e mails.

If you are waiting for a response to an e mail, it is coming, just at a slower rate than normal !

I haven’t completely stopped blogging, I just wanted to enjoy the slow

and have adjusted the rhythm of my week by dropping the recipe post and the word post from my routine.

Your weekly wellbeing links are below,


  • A letter to my transgender daughter. This was a difficult and emotional read. I had a conversation with a friend over new year about this topic and how i would handle it as a parent if the situation arose with my kids. To which I had very few answers. This is written so beautifully.
  • A post about grief which is perfectly written. Gosh, am I always reading grief posts and sharing them here? Sorry if it is too much for some. But as Leanne so beautiful explains in this post grief is a journey we navigate and constantly try to understand when we are thrown into the depths of it. Seek comfort in her honesty here about losing her Mum.
  • An interesting read from a dad about being a single parent not an absent parent in his kids lives.
  • Lastly a little style post for good measure- I found this store, DOEN and I want ALL of the clothes.



  • How to skin and roast peanuts. A bit random but I have found that my new recipe book that my sister in law got me for my birthday NATURAL BORN FEEDER has so many peanut recipes that I wanted to try. So I needed to skin the peanuts I purchased first and found a way to do it quickly.
  • We have been having so many BBQs of late and this quick honey and mustard dressing using greek yoghurt is tasty
  • I shouted about them before and they are back in our cupboard as a high protein snack because I haven’t got around to making my own- plus they are chewy and a good bit tastier than mine! Fulfill protein bars . They are available  at most gyms but also in the local Spars and Apple greens in all of Ireland.

In other news Mel and I are almost at 5000 posts in our Motherhoodalive hashtag on instargam, please join us!

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