05.06.16 Weekend wellbeing

05.06.16 Weekend wellbeing

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Oh, I love me some June time.

We welcomed a new niece into our family this month already and are finally getting into *some* sort of a rhythm as a family of five.

I had the three lads on my own a fair bit this week when they were off School and my husband was working.

Dear blesses, I didn’t know who to run to first when it all kicked off!! I mean one child is enough to handle but add in two more and it gets messy.

The house is messy, the turn out is messy and the mummy kisses to cover bruised legs (after a sibling fight, obviously) are messy. But we are happy and coping which is all that matters really.

Some great reads and recipes from the past week below


  • All about bodies– two reads that inspired me in the past week. Sarah talks about her emotional and physical climb achieving body acceptance here  and my friend Mel Wiggin’s touches on ethical fashion but also dressing for our post baby bodies here 
  • I really loved this about staying present to stay calm. It is about how we think we need to read just one more blogpost, one more novel or listen to another podcast. Which is overwhelming and counterproductive. But we don’t NEED to.
  • I love Lucy from lulastic blog and her approach to most things in life. i don’t follow the same path but love her ideas for family and life and respect her wisdom. Why she doesn’t limit screen time on parent.co
  • An alternative yet interesting one on how to do an armpit cleanse  and why we should.



Lastly here is a little something for your ears. It’s Foy Vance and it’s beautiful for your Sunday morning playlist.